• It does not require cable, tape or magnetic line infrastructure within the facility. With zero infrastructure cost, the system is commissioned without the need for ground work.
  • There is no need for a personnel for material-load carrying purposes, AMR can work 24/7.
  • When the charge level reaches a critical level, vehicles autonomously head towards the charging station, connect to the unit and continue their mission in the field after charging.
  • The area allocated for material transportation within the facility is minimized, and other vehicles and people can use the movement paths.
  • Field laser scanners on the AMR detect obstacles, slow down the AMR at the most accurate acceleration and prevent in-plant accidents.
  • Product losses are minimized thanks to safe driving technology.
  • In case of encountering an obstacle during transport, if there is enough space, it moves around or turns towards the destination by creating a new best route.
  • The location, battery status, route, load amounts, cycle times and possible errors of each AMR are monitored through the control system.

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